Include section breaks and HTML fields in notifications

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By defautl Gravity Forms does not include section breaks or HTML fields in email notifications. But you can add this snippet to your theme functions.php
It adds more power to the {all_fields} in your notifications, and allow you to include fields that usually are not included in the notifications. You can check usage instructions in the top of the snippet.

NOTE: If you add two or more page breaks without any field between these, you’ll have unexpedted results.

Section Break fields are not intended to be used one after another without any fields between them. The Gravity Forms functions which process the merge tags when generating the notification do not include a Section Break field in the notification if that section does not contain any fields. This is why the Section Break field label is missing from the notification, the code snippet does not have the ability to force the label to be included, as the label row is processed before the gform_merge_tag_filter is called. You’ll need to add a field between the two Section Break fields.

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