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As you may know, this isn’t a current feature of Gravity Forms. I’ve added this to the feature request list so it can be discussed for future inclusion.

​In the meantime you can try this http://www.gravityhelp.com/forums/topic/jquery-slider-field#post-40945

I haven’t used jquery tools but I have tested the standard jquery ui slider in the past, once you have included the jquery ui script and css in your themes header add this code http://pastie.org/2857572 to the page your form is going to be on by inserting it above the gravity form short code, the other option would be to include it in a html block on the form itself. Add a number field to your form which will house your sliders value when the form is submitted, add a html block directly after the number field in this you can add a basic div and give it an id such as

Next find out the field number for your input and then head back to that first section of code and look for #input_7_2 and customise it to match your form (7 is your form number and 2 is your field number).

Adjust the min and max values to whatever you want them to be say min:1 ,max:100
Set your starting value where it says value:30.5
If you are working with whole numbers and incrementing in 1’s you can remove the ‘step’ code but if you are working with decimals or incrementing by odd numbers set the step to whatever suits your needs.

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